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We can think a lot about the mission of Christians on earth, but we all know that Christ had one goal coming to earth - the salvation of mankind. For this very reason God Father sent His only begotten Son to earth, and for this very reason He went to the cross and gave His life for us. Of course, the Lord takes care of His children, loves unconditionally and wants to bless, but first of all He waits for the repentance of unsaved children. The mission allows us to share the pain of the Father and see the need of humanity in God's love.

It is important to realize that service is not only for adults. Children more than anybody have a need in Christ, because they are the ones who need to be raised in God’s love. It is so wonderful to see hundreds of children in the whole world, who give their lives to Jesus Christ and burn with a zealous desire to serve Him.

Our church holds Christian children's conferences “Gloria” throughout the world: Mongolia, Cambodia, Myanmar, South Korea, Uganda, Russia. We go where the Lord calls: from the poorest countries to the civilized cities. God unites the team by the anointing of the Holy Spirit so that we as one represent Christ and serve children giving our hearts to God.

Anyone who is interested in serving in mission and wants to participate physically, prayerfully or financially, please write: dommilosti@mail.ru

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